OMV produces hydraulic cylinders of all types and sizes, with bores from 80 diameter to 400 diameter for maximum working stroke of 4000 mm. There are no standard products by OMV, but each hydraulic cylinder that leaves the factory is a unique product that is designed and manufactured according to the specifications supplied by customers, depending on their requirements.
OMV is organized to be able to work both on designs supplied by customers and operating in co-design with clients, to put at their disposal the know-how gained in over three decades of activity to find the best solution for each single application.
The hydraulic cylinders manufactured by OMV equip thousands of industrial applications in sectors that range from the aerospace to nuclear power plants, from lifting equipment to the concrete production. There are no machines or sectors where OMV is not able to study and to produce the most suitable cylinder.

In particular, OMV produces these typologies of hydraulic cylinders:

  • with or without adjustable or fixed stroke end dampers
  • with proximity switches or position transducers
  • air-oil and oil-oil pressure multipliers
  • constant and variable speed double-acting telescopic cylinders
  • with bores from diameter 80 to diameter 400 for working stroke up to 4000 mm
  • with maximum working pressure of 380 bars
  • with self-locking systems of stroke beginning or end or on both sides
  • lightened by the use of special materials
  • hydrostatic
  • special surface treatments

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